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Hilarious show

5 stars
yellowdartofdoom Neptune Theatre, Seattle

Somehow, Tape Face can be so funny without saying anything! This show would be great for just about anyone of any age. I will definitely see him again if he comes back to town.

Tape Face is a MUST SEE!!

5 stars
kamsone The Wilbur, Boston

This show was absolutely amazing! Tape Face kept the audience entertained for a good 90 minutes with his hilariously brilliant show. I would give this show a PG-13 rating. Fabulous!!

Tapeface is amazing!

5 stars
Spike9872345 Sixth & I, Washington

He involved the audience, which was great. Amazing that he can put on this fun show without saying a word.

Be prepared to become a participant

5 stars
CultralMaven Sixth & I, Washington

Thinking that being 3rd row on the left side of the stage was close but far enough to not be called on stage wasn't really true (but I managed to escape being a participant! LOL!!) You see, Tape Face came down from the stage to seek victims, um, willing participants in his zany acts that had everyone laughing in good fun. From the front rows, to the side rows, and to the back rows, no one was safe. LOL! His expressive eyes were a window into the child like wonder of Tape Face's world. As matter of fact, there were many families in attendance. His mime transcended the various ages of the eager crowd that came to see him perform. Amazingly, there were a few folks that had no idea WHO Tape Face was! It was good, clean entertainment and the massive audience participation in the end was rambunctious and fun. The kids in attendance understood what he was "saying" or doing without his having to speak. The adults caught on to his various acts that were choreographed with appropriate music that just said it all i.e., NENA's "99 Red Balloons" -- if you have attended his show where he does this act, you know what I'm talking about. As soon as the first few notes played, ALL the adults familiar with the song understood what was gonna happen. It was a blast! I left his show with a smile on my face and a light heart. My one regret was that I was already outside when they announced that folks were welcome to meet/greet Tape Face. NOOOOO! Ah, well! I needed to get home and I definitely will plan to see him when he comes back into the area. Sad thing is, it will probably be a BIGGER venue. But that's a good thing for him! If you have the chance, GO SEE Tape Face!

We love ❤️ Tapeface!

5 stars
JKMPR Gramercy Theatre, New York

Tapeface was great! Interactive! Engaging! Hilarious genius!

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