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Theresa is Amazing!!

5 stars
Princess1978 NIU Convocation Center, Dekalb

Theresa is Amazing! She came out with so much enthusiasm & energy, she began reading & i felt she really got these messages through to loved ones. I truly believe she has an amazing gift. She also had a really good sense of humor & made everyone laugh, because their is a lot of emotions with loss, it is also good for the soul to still enjoy & laugh, our loved ones would want that for us. Theresa was reading across the room to the mid balcony & floor when she mentioned something that struck me, She mentioned a Butterfly & a Father figure, I was far away on other side upper balcony but i believe this may have been my Dad. He would tell everyone he could about his Butterfly joke & i have always been very close to my Dad, Miss him Dearly. Even my Mom has had things happen with the sign of a Butterfly as i have too. I was also wearing my Dad's ring. I am hoping to get another chance to see Theresa soon. I am hoping to get validation if i have a gift similar to her's, i have had unexplainable things happen all my life. It would be Amazing to see Theresa Again Soon!!


5 stars
Nikkiredsox Wang Center, Boston

She did so many people last night here in Boston and I loved it. I felt bad for her though because there was a woman on the floor who wanted her father to come through and she kept saying dad say a number say a number as Theresa walked by and when Theresa tried to explain to her that thats not how it works and its really hard, the woman became irate and rude. She began to backtalk theresa and made her mad. Finally Theresa left and came up in the balcony to do some readings there but unfortunately after I got excited she was only able to do one because we had ANOTHER rude lady screaming THERESA THERESA OVER HERE OVER HERE! She again had to leave and go down to the floor again. In the two hrs she got a lot of people and what was cool she even got 2 people at once a lot of the time which made it even better. Sorry Theresa for the rude people not all of us from Boston are like that.

Not worth the money

2 stars
55811T Amsoil Arena, Duluth

It was interesting but so not worth the money. In the 2 hours we were there she maybe talked to 4 spirits and she really stuck with people who had no idea and the spirits weren't even talking to her and she didnt move on. she stuck with them and you could tell we all were like "MOVE ON to a better spirit with a better story"

If youre a skeptic , you wont be after the show.

5 stars
caligirlmichelle San Manual, Highland

I have always been her biggest fan. From every TV show recorded , to every book. Seeing her and Larry was a dream come true. My husband waivered on how much he believed. After we went to this Live Experience in California, my husband is now a believer!! There were endless OMG moments over 3 hours, we love her so much we bought tickest to see her upcoming Vegas show too! I cant wait!


5 stars
SUED55 Bicentennial Center, salina

I came from GA to go with my sister that lost her son Joseph in a 4 wheeler accident .it was so exciting to hear her connect with the people , some got a long reading and some didn't, everyone wanted a hit , Threasa did walk around and connect, And she explains in the beginning that she don't care if you believe her or not that she is what she is . BUT she did hit on on our area and on my sister as a son that died a young one and a older one, the couple in front was the younger boy, and my sister was so nervous, and things go so fast, that your mind can't think that fast..you think it can but the sprit doesn't always say what we think they will..after we got home and the next day it all came together and made sense, he was coming through and some made sense, like his hair, he had none lol .. You just have to be there..to feel the emotions ...So she is Going back this Oct 2014 in KS she just bought her tickets...OMG I hope she get a hit...

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