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Best Wrestling Show Ever

5 stars
GingerBreadMan96 Barclays Center, Brooklyn

This was the best wrestling show I have ever been to. Everything about this show was PERFECT!!!!!!! The wrestling was perfect, the crowd was electric and I literally have nothing to complain about at all. NXT is the place to be!!!!!

Shawn Michaels was great

3 stars
Holdo Barclays Center, Brooklyn

it was great ... but the computerprogram was not working at the beginning of signing ... so we could not get a accesscard for the photo ... they told us if we bought our tickets over ticketmaster we get a eMail to get or find our photos ... till now i heard nothing about it ... i wrote a eMail to WWE no answer till now 15.09.2015 perhaps you can help me ... i think im not the only one ... best regards Holdo

WWE NXT was amazing!!!!

5 stars
Swphkafa Barclays Center, Brooklyn

NXT's first event in Brooklyn was an amazing experience live. The opening match with Enzo and Cass popped the crowd alive. The match between Eva and Carmella not so much as the crowd used this for breaks and took a lot of the energy away. The women's tag team match had a lot of botches and not as crisp as it could potentially be. When Triple H announced the beginning of the live televised portion of the matches the crowd could have been a bit more respectful but it was Brooklyn after all!!! The matches following were amazing Sasha Banks vs Bayley was the match of the whole WWE three day event from beginning to end it was true wrestling main event caliber unbelievable. The second main event would have been great if not for two things 1) the blaring lights in the audiences eyes on Kevin Owens entrance and 2) the match not been shown on the titantron until the crowd yelled for it be turned on distracting us from the match. To get to these seats we had to constantly ask for directions not the easiest ones to get to with one escalator and elevator dedicated to an area. The view was pretty good the circle of lighting was distracting and the audio was not great. All in all an entertaining performance at the Barclays

Very Hurried

3 stars
DisneyWildcat Barclays Center, Brooklyn

The actual meet and greet was rushed so you probably got about 2 minutes with them. When you went for your picture you weren't really that close to the Divas since they stayed behind the table and you had to stand in front of Becky Lynch. (They were seated Becky, Charlotte, then Paige). The professional camera they had kept breaking down and even the Superstars commented on how annoying the camera had been. The actual picture you could download had a SummerSlam border around it but in the case of this meet and greet, it covered most of Paige in the picture. I'm sure for the solo meet and greets it didn't pose a problem. The saving grace was that the Divas really were friendly. Also, since it was the same price as the 1 person meet and greets, it was a better value to get to meet 3 Superstars.

amazing show

5 stars
FrankB21591 Barclays Center, Brooklyn

The NXT superstars put on an amazing show from beginning to end and I would highly recolmend it to anybody when they come to a city near you, especially for a Takeover event!