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Great show!

5 stars
Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City

WWE always puts on a great show whenever my family and I have gone in the past, and this event was no different. Great matches, great energy, everyone seemed really on point! Bonus cage match--was not expecting to see specialty matches at a live event; a nice treat for the "average fan." Venue was great size, seats were in great viewing distance for the price. Second time at a WWE event in AC in Boardwalk Hall; just as good as the first time!


5 stars
23456788 Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City

Very good show as usual. WWE does good shows. Will go again and repeat attendee


1 stars
kcnjojos Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City

Nothing like buying seats only to have them switched

Did not disappoint!!

5 stars
1superhappymomof3 Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City

My almost nine year old son is OBSESSED with the WWE and he hasn't been able to go to any of the live events until now. Well if he was a super fan before, he is THE super fan now!! This night was unforgettable for him, something he will cherish for his lifetime...tickets were affordable but the memories from this event are priceless!!!


5 stars
SiggyKid Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City

I never thought I would like this show, got the tickets for my 8 year old. But I have to tell you, it was AWESOME! Just the whole set-up and how the wrestlers came out on the stage and the show was great. The only thing that was bad was the souvenir shop was way too crowded to buy something. They should have had more souvenir shops. Overall, it was an awesome time!!! Thank you WWE!